Logo design, Holler, 2017

I was pleased to have the opportunity to design the logo for Holler—a new online arts and culture forum for the creative community of Western North Carolina. Spearheaded by Asheville-based arts organizations, REVOLVE and The MAP, issues are shaped by members of an editorial board in collaboration with the community. For more information about the project and ways to participate:


Koop, Kid Owned and Operated Play, logo, 2015

I was pleased to have been able to design the logo for KOOP. It was a fun challenge to create a stencil version that the owners could use to create signs for play events using simple and direct materials. The logo exists in two versions for different media output scenarios—digital and stencil/analog.

Active Territory—Exhibition Planning and Graphic Design

Co-coordinator and Design Director for Graphics and Wayfinding for ‘Active Territory,’ 2011 End-of-Year Design Exhibition, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

The exhibition explores design as a practice for reenergizing and repurposing material, space, and message. The word territory denotes an area of knowledge or activity, and when activated, becomes energetic, dynamic, enthusiastic, operating and live. Active Territory was installed in at the Gallery Mall on Market Street in downtown Philadelphia.


©2011 Mark Stehle Photography