Design Does Exhibition Catalog

2011. Exhibition catalog design, Design Does (2010) End-of-Year Design Exhibition, of graduating students from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

+ credits

Publication Directors: Rachele Riley and Patrycja Doniewski
Graphic designer: Rachele Riley
Editor: Patrycja Doniewski
Photography: Mark Stehle, Amy Li, Lou Caltabiano
Assistants: Georgia Guthrie, Mike Tyson

The catalog design translates the unique experience of the 2010 design installation at the Crane Arts Center in Philadelphia—with reference to the juxtaposition of works and the installation design and materials. It features student works from Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Multimedia, and Museum and Exhibition Planning and Design departments and includes writing by Peter A. Hall, Sean Buffington, Jonas Milder, Jennifer Bernstein, De Angela Duff, Chris Garvin, Mike McAllister, and Anthony Guido.