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The Evolution of Silence proposal —The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial

2021, Drawing, digital collage, archival ink jet print, 16.54 x 23.39 inches (A2)

The Evolution of Silence—my proposal for The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial in the decommissioned nuclear testing site, Yucca Flat (Nevada Test Site)—is not a careful site, not singular, not clean—it is emotional, entangled, absurd, unfathomable, a path of perspective.

I combined several drawings to render a confounded walking path—one that takes you in and around but not to a single crater and sometimes to the in -between spaces between craters—so to acknowledge the damage that is visible and invisible, and also to emphasize the scale of war and its impact. www.evolution-of-silence.net.


2020. Logo design for LEA Studios, LLC. Designed with Anne Schroth. www.lea-studios.com


Exhildedical—New Moods

2021. Writing and visuals made with Python. Special thanks to David Jonathan Ross and Allison Parrish.



Annie Scanner Animation (ASC 4) NYPL Risograph Version

2021. Frame-by-frame animation made from Risograph prints. Special thanks to Kelli Anderson.

Image research at the New York Public Library Picture Collection on the mannequin body in advertising. The Annie Scanner animation and image series extends the frame of the March 17, 1953 Annie nuclear test at Yucca Flat (Nevada Test Site) through code and process-based imaging.

Printed at The Arm studio on a Risograph, and scanned. Composited in Photoshop (from the original Annie Scanner animation sequence which was scanned with Processing).
Details of print frames:

Full strip scans: