Active Territory

2011. Exhibition Co-coordinator and Design Director for Graphics and Wayfinding for Active Territory — the 2011 End-of-Year Design Exhibition of students graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

+ credits

Exhibition coordinators—
Katherine Bennett: Multimedia
Patrycja Doniewski: Industrial Design
Rachele Riley: Graphic Design

Graphics and way finding—
Rachele Riley: Creative Director
Erica Petersen: Student Group Leader
Nick Porcaro (final logo), Martin Mascio (final poster), Sipha Say, Tim Cheneval, Julie Forman, Ben Kuyper

The exhibition explores design as a practice for reenergizing and repurposing material, space, and message. The word territory denotes an area of knowledge or activity, and when activated, becomes energetic, dynamic, enthusiastic, operating and live. Active Territory was installed in at the Gallery Mall on Market Street in downtown Philadelphia.


©2011 Mark Stehle Photography

Exploring the idea of re-territorializing as it relates to design and to under-used space—we transformed two empty retail spaces at a downtown mall in Philadelphia to present a diverse selection of design works by graduating students. Juxtaposing the work of different design programs, the exhibition aimed to transcend boundaries between disciplines and to make visible what is shared in contemporary design practice.

©2011 Mark Stehle Photography

©2011 Mark Stehle Photography

+ Exhibition sections/themes—

Architecture, Urban and Green Spaces:
Projects that explore architecture, urban and green spaces with several projects focusing on the Philadelphia area.
Systems and Patterns:
Projects that explore structure, interconnectivity, parts to a whole, and modular systems.
Community Connecting:
Projects that focus on the individual and an individual’s connection to a larger whole.
Communication: Daily & Hidden:
Projects that deal with communication and one’s interactions (or lack of interactions) with others through daily actions and environments.
Projects that explore learning as an elastic process, illustrating how graphics, objects and interactive display can enlighten a user.
Process + Transformation:
Projects that explore the ritual of making through the lens of process, where designers illustrate the significance of an intervention in a larger context.
Projects that investigate and reflect upon public events, cultural and historical icons, and personal experiences.
The Daily Life:
Projects that address problems of the “grid” of daily life and our attempt to circumnavigate them.

Before shots and process:

Thank you—
PREIT, The Gallery at Market East, University of the Arts, Sean Buffington, Chris Garvin, Jonas Milder, Tony Guido, Beth Van Why, Jeb Brookman, Lydia Ricci, Sarah Asper-Smith, Kelly Floyd, Jeremy Beaudry, Chris Myers, Hans Allemann, De Angela Duff, Andrew Dahlgreen, Megan Storti, Polly McKenna-Cress, Alida Fish, and John Benson.