The Evolution of Silence, Essay

2015. Visual essay designed and written for publication in Studies in Material Thinking journal’s Special Issue: Visual/Textual, Vol.13. Published by the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, Auckland University of Technology.

My essay, ‘Reflections on Research through Design: The Evolution of Silence,’ for the journal, Studies in Material Thinking, Special Issue: Visual/Textual, Vol.13, 2015, is now published and viewable online. The issue is edited by Jayne Wallace, Joyce Yee & Abigail Durrant, with help from copy editor, Sheila Christofides. The essay expands upon a presentation I made in September 2013 at ‘Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design‘ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne/Gateshead, UK. For my contribution to this Special Issue, I further explore a process for destabilizing the visual/textual experience, in this case, by directly embedding the text of my essay into ‘The Evolution of Silence.’ I worked with screen shots of my essay to design the final layout of my contribution for the journal.