Verb Tense Agreement Ppt

Verb tense agreement is a fundamental aspect of writing that every author or content creator should be keen on. Correct verb tense makes sentences clear and easy to understand, which is essential when writing any document or giving a presentation.

In this article, we`ll be discussing verb tense agreement in PowerPoint presentations (PPT). We`ll look at how to use the correct verb tense in different parts of a PPT presentation, including the title slide, the body, and the conclusion.

Title Slide

The title slide is the first slide of your presentation and sets the tone for the rest of the presentation. It’s essential to use the present tense when writing the title of your presentation. By using the present tense, you`re telling your audience that the information you`re presenting is current and up to date.

For example, if your presentation is about SEO, the title slide should read “Improving your website`s SEO: Tips and tricks.” Notice that the verb “improving” is in the present tense.


The body of your presentation is where you provide your audience with the information they need to know. When writing the body of your presentation, you need to ensure that your verb tense agrees and remains consistent throughout the presentation.

For instance, if you`re talking about a past event, such as a case study, use the past tense. For example, “Our company analyzed a website and improved its SEO ranking.” However, if you`re discussing a current situation, use the present tense. For example, “Google`s algorithm continues to evolve, making it essential to stay updated with the latest SEO practices.”


The conclusion of your presentation is where you summarize your main points and leave your audience with something to remember. It`s crucial to use the present tense when writing the conclusion of your presentation. By using the present tense, you`re emphasizing the importance of the information you presented and how it`s relevant to your audience.

For example, “In conclusion, by implementing the tips and tricks we`ve discussed, you can improve your website`s SEO and attract more traffic to your site.”

In summary, verb tense agreement is essential when writing a PPT presentation. Ensure that you use the present tense in the title slide and conclusion, and maintain consistency in the body of your presentation. By doing this, you`ll be able to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively to your audience.