Beauty Piece

Letterpress, edition of 20, 2016

This project was developed at Penland School of Crafts in Marianne Dages’ workshop ‘Text as Image, Type as Thought.’ It was created in response to a handwritten note (which said ‘this is beautiful’) that was left for me by a stranger, laying on top of another type composition I was working on in the studio. I developed Beauty Piece—wrote the poem, inspired by Yoko Ono’s performative/poetic works, and set ‘this is beautiful’ in 8pt Bodoni Bold, 12 pt Bodoni Bold, and 12 pt Franklin Gothic. The prompt (from M Dages) was to ‘develop a project in which text encounters a stranger.’

Carry these cards with you.
Place a card somewhere

meaningful, wherever or
weever it feels right.
Leave it for someone to

These cards say—
this is beautiful.

2016 summer
Rachele Riley
Penland workshop with Marianne Dages