Beauty Piece

Letterpress, edition of 20, 2016

This project was created at Penland School of Crafts in Marianne Dages’ workshop ‘Text as Image, Type as Thought’ in response to a handwritten note which said ‘this is beautiful’ was left for me by a stranger—

on top of another type composition I was working on in the studio. I developed Beauty Piece in response to this act. The prompt is inspired by Yoko Ono’s performative/poetic works, and ‘this is beautiful’ is set in 8pt Bodoni Bold, 12 pt Bodoni Bold, and 12 pt Franklin Gothic. Marianne Dages had asked us to ‘consider a project in which text encounters a stranger.’

Carry these cards with you.
Place a card somewhere

meaningful, wherever or
weever it feels right.
Leave it for someone to

These cards say—
this is beautiful.

2016 summer
Rachele Riley
Penland workshop with Marianne Dages