Uaw Gm Contract 2019 Highlights

The recently ratified UAW GM contract for 2019 has some notable highlights for the members of both parties. The contract, which covers over 46,000 workers, was signed on October 31, 2019, after a 40-day strike that ended on October 25. Here are some of the key highlights of the UAW GM contract for 2019:

1. Wage increases: One of the most significant highlights of the contract is a 3% wage increase for the first and third years, and a 4% wage increase for the second year. This means that workers will see a significant boost in their paychecks over the next three years.

2. Bonuses: The contract also includes a $11,000 signing bonus for regular employees and $4,500 for temporary workers. This bonus will be paid out in two installments, with the first one arriving within 14 days of ratification and the second one in March 2020.

3. Health care: The UAW GM contract for 2019 maintains the current health care coverage for employees, with no increase in premiums. This is an important win for the workers, who were concerned about the rising costs of health care.

4. Temporary workers: The contract also addresses the issue of temporary workers, who make up about 7% of GM`s workforce. Under the new contract, temporary workers will receive a path to permanent employment after three years of service. Moreover, their hourly pay will increase to $16.67 from the current $15.78.

5. Investment in US plants: GM has also agreed to invest $7.7 billion in US plants, particularly in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. This investment will create or retain over 9,000 jobs, according to the company. This is a significant victory for the UAW, which had expressed concerns about GM`s practice of outsourcing jobs to other countries.

In conclusion, the UAW GM contract for 2019 represents a significant success for both parties. The contract provides wage increases, bonuses, and job security for workers, while also addressing concerns about health care and temporary workers. The investment in US plants is also a welcome development, as it will create jobs and support the local economy. Overall, the UAW GM contract for 2019 sets a positive precedent for future labor negotiations in the automotive industry.