Annie Scanner Animation (ASC 2) Drawing Transfer

2019. Animation, drawing, solvent transfer print. Single-channel video, with sound. 1920 x 1080 px, 40 s, loop. Scanned with Processing.

The Evolution of Silence is a series that visually explores the impact of post-WWII nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site. Annie Scanner is the latest version of the project to investigate the material trace of images collected through archival and library research. Combining analog and digital artistic processes—drawing, cyanotype and RC prints are scanned with code (Processing) and formed into compositions and sequences—the work creates an intimate relationship to the materiality of images, specifically to the mannequins used in nuclear testing, and to the human element in conflict. My focus is to create a bodily and poetic understanding of these images, and of the space that conflict claims. A significant part of my project is the re-imagining of visual information and the disrupting of conventions and expectations connected with maps, web- and time-based forms, and the construction of archives. My focus through the years has been motivated by a concern for the ways violence is memorialized and visualized in culture.