Use Less Energy

2004. Animated typography, xerox prints, and appropriated live-action. Single-channel video with sound. 640 × 480 px. 30 sec.

A hypothetical media proposal. I imagine the possibility for an environmental voice to exist in mainstream media. I propose that a separate interventionist signal be developed, one that could interrupt, override and counter any message that did not advocate for an environmentally-sound point of view. The environmental media signal responds to the content of messages being broadcast so as to offer, as an alternative, a voice for the environment. As precedent for my proposal, I considered that we already accept intervals during a television show in which capitalism has a voice (i.e. advertising commercials). My hypothetical media proposal considers that with digital television a dataset could be developed to trigger the moments when the environment’s counter argument/interruption is needed.

The black and white prints of “nature”—plants/leaves and analog video signal texture—are used as a mask for creating the animated typography, which forms the visual signal layer that intervenes where the environmental voice need to be heard.In this example, it interrupts the commercial at the point when a device is plugged in to an outlet, in order to say “use less energy.” Principles from environmentalist, David Suzuki.