Active Territory Exhibition & Wayfinding

Active Territory, Exhibition and Wayfinding Design, 2011
Exhibition Co-coordinator and Design Director for Graphics and Wayfinding for Active Territory — the 2011 End-of-Year Design Exhibition of students graduating from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

(Exhibition Coordinators) Rachele Riley, Katherine Bennett, Patrycja Doniewski. (Client) The University of the Arts.
Graphic Design and Wayfinding Team: Rachele Riley (creative director), Erica Petersen (student leader), Nick Porcaro (final logo), Martin Mascio (final poster), Sipha Say, Tim Cheneval, Julie Forman, Ben Kuyper (designers).

Special thanks to PREIT, The Gallery at Market East, The University of the Arts, Sean Buffington, Chris Garvin, Jonas Milder, Tony Guido, Beth Van Why, Jeb Brookman, Lydia Ricci, Sarah Asper-Smith, Kelly Floyd, Jeremy Beaudry, Chris Myers, Hans Allemann, De Angela Duff, Andrew Dahlgreen, Megan Storti, Polly McKenna-Cress, Alida Fish, and John Benson.