Studies in Material Thinking, Special Issue: Visual/Textual

My essay, ‘Reflections on Research through Design: The Evolution of Silence,’ for the journal, Studies in Material Thinking, Special Issue: Visual/Textual, Vol.13, 2015, is now published and viewable online. (more…)

About: Different Data

Different Data (DD) is a collaborative critical design research group (Rachele Riley, Dan McCafferty and Joshua Singer) who collects, manipulates, and displays data in location-specific public environments. DD maps notions of place by revealing hidden, overlooked and silent narratives (and other aspects) of urban cultural ecologies, using unexpected and often poetic methods for generating and gathering data.


Stations of Pause

Stations of Pause, carried out at the summer 2013 DesignInquiry: Station, began as an opportunity to create a project that emphasizes the reflective frame of the pause, by defining interval moments along a continuum where an inquiry into research and process can occur. (more…)

Aesthetic Representations of Violence

A few spreads from my MFA thesis document, ‘Aesthetic Representations of Violence’—in which my main creative project, Visualizing the Art of War, and other design projects created during my MFA at VCUarts in Design/Visual Communication, are presented and explained in terms of approach and research interest. (more…)