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No-Quorse 9

No-Quorse 9: [my contribution to the 24 Quorse (first night) dinner at DesignInquiry NOQUO, June 2015.]

Take the handheld scanner (be served).
Scan the person sitting next to you on your left.
You will have to touch them.
When done hand the scanner to them. (serve)
Invite them to scan the person sitting on their left.

Go on scanning until one-by-one the entire table of participants has served the person on their left and been served by the person on their right.

2015 summer

No Quo


Yoko Ono writes, in her July 23, 2014 piece, ‘Uncover’ (reprinted in The New York Times in January 2015): ‘We want to be able to say that we are on the road of discovery. The word discovery has a powerful tone…but actually, we are not discovering anything. We are just uncovering what is already there.’ (more…)

Myth of Mary Polly Calderwood

Uncovered at the Vinalhaven Historical Society at DesignInquiry (DI) program: NoQuo. Polly, who lived on Vinalhaven Island, ME, was (either) vilified for challenging what was acceptable behavior for women—or maybe she really was just ‘an awful thing.’ (more…)

About: Different Data

Different Data (DD) is a collaborative critical design research group (Rachele Riley, Dan McCafferty and Joshua Singer) who collects, manipulates, and displays data in location-specific public environments. DD maps notions of place by revealing hidden, overlooked and silent narratives (and other aspects) of urban cultural ecologies, using unexpected and often poetic methods for generating and gathering data.


DI DC D Expedition

Co-coordinator and co-framer, DesignInquiry DesignCity Detroit: Expedition, February 20–23, 2014, Detroit, MI

As a DesignInquiry Board Member(2013–2015), I helped organize and lead an exploratory program in Detroit, MI, DI DC D (DesignInquiry DesignCity Detroit), with Emily Luce, Benjamin Van Dyke, Dan McCafferty, and Joshua Singer. The DIDCD program brought together 30 designers, artists, historians, writers to investigate the cultural ecology of Detroit in a three-day intensive workshop and collaboration, based out of the community-center, Ponyride. I shot video during our time together and created the video above as a documentation of the weekend.

DSC_0203 (more…)

Stations of Pause

Stations of Pause, carried out at the summer 2013 DesignInquiry: Station, began as an opportunity to create a project that emphasizes the reflective frame of the pause, by defining interval moments along a continuum where an inquiry into research and process can occur. (more…)