Studies in Material Thinking—Special Issue: Visual/Textual

Studies in Material Thinking (journal publication)
Special Issue: Visual/Textual, Vol.13
Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies, Auckland University of Technology

Download PDF of my essay and visual layout.
My essay, ‘Reflections on Research through Design: The Evolution of Silence,’ for the journal, Studies in Material Thinking, Special Issue: Visual/Textual, Vol.13, 2015, is now published and viewable online. The issue is edited by Jayne Wallace, Joyce Yee & Abigail Durrant, with help from copy editor, Sheila Christofides. The essay expands upon a presentation I made in September 2013 at ‘Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design‘ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne/Gateshead, UK. For my contribution to this Special Issue, I further explore a process for destabilizing the visual/textual experience, in this case, by directly embedding the text of my essay into ‘The Evolution of Silence.’ I worked with screen shots of my essay to design the final layout of my contribution for the journal.

Aesthetic Representations of Violence

MFA creative project document
64 pages
15 x 8 inches
Case bound, Indigo prints
Worth Higgins Inc.
Richmond, VA
April 2005

+ credits

Rachele Riley, Author
Rachele Riley, Designer

MFA thesis committee members:
Sandra Wheeler
Rob Carter
Roy McKelvey

A few spreads from my MFA document, ‘Aesthetic Representations of Violence’—in which my main creative project, Visualizing the Art of War, and other design projects created during my MFA at VCU in Design/Visual Communication, are presented and explained in terms of approach and research interest. (more…)