Get Stuck in Trees

Get Stuck in Trees series
letterpress and solvent transfer on paper
12.5 in x 19 in (25)
22.5 in x 30 in (2)

I began this series of prints, Get Stuck in Trees, in the letterpress studio at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. The series explores the idea of text as a found object and also the relationship of text to objects in the world (in this case all natural objects were collected on walks while at Penland). I began by cutting up an article in the New Yorker on the environment. I wrote a poem by reassembling some of the pieces of the original text. The poem is printed by letterpress and, to some extent, maintains the pauses and grammar from the original text. I photocopied the original paste-up of my assembled poem combined with collected materials in a capture of their physical mash-up. The series has allowed me to consider mark-making and gesture in connection to the process of printing— specifically embracing the chance operation of solvent transfer printing in relationship to the planned process of letterpress composition.

+ exhibitions

Weatherspoon Art Museum
Greensboro, NC
September 7–December 3, 2017

Krannert Art Museum
Champaign, IL
November 7–December 31, 2016