Different Data lecture, VCUarts Graphic Design

‘Maps, Tape, Video, Paper: Design as Performance & Performance as Discourse’ lecture on Different Data with Joshua Singer and Daniel McCafferty, VCUarts, Richmond, VA, April 7–8, 2016.
Different Data (Rachele Riley, Dan McCafferty, and Joshua Singer) maps narratives of the city—layering data gathered from open datasets, historical maps, field-work, and ‘data’ generated through studio-based experiments.

These works make irreverent and sometimes illegitimate connections to reveal surprising and alternate realities of place. In our lecture we, the Different Data group, discussed examples of projects carried out in Detroit and Stockholm and elaborate on our research interests, including, but not limited to: counter-design; poetic methodologies; data as narrative; design as discourse; and the joys, pitfalls and pratfalls of collaboration. Thank you VCUarts and the Department of Graphic Design, especially David Shields, Anne Graves, Matt Charbonneau, and all the faculty and students.