A Call to Uncover

The summer 2015 DesignInquiry (DI) program, NoQuo, invited participants to investigate ideas about unevenness, exchange, and not-the-status-quo.

I presented an investigation of myth and persona as it relates to Vinalhaven and conflict. Inspired by Yoko Ono’s writing, Uncover, I developed a project around and a process for uncovering, shifting perceptions of place, and creating unexpected frames that capture aspects of nature, people, and the dynamics of change.

This work was carried out over the course of four days on the island of Vinalhaven, ME with a group DI NoQuo’ers (inspiring collaborators and design friends): Maia Wright, Chris Fox, Alice Lee, Steve Bowden, Arzu Ozkal, Joshua Unikel and (remotely) Josh Singer.