The Evolution of Silence, Version 1 at Praxis and Poetics

The Evolution of Silence, Version 1, BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, UK, in conjunction with Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design, September 2013.

I also made a presentation on the project, with a focus on research through design methodologies. 9773753011_6afba419a2_b

+ About The Evolution of Silence, version 1


Art, Design, Research: Rachele Riley
Technical Consultant: Danniel Gaidula

Archival photos, maps, documents and artifacts are courtesy of the DigitalGlobe Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, United States Geological Survey, National Nuclear Security Administration, Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, Las Vegas News Bureau, Cahlan Research Library (Nevada State Museum), Special Collections Library at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nuclear Testing Archive, National Atomic Testing Museum, National Archives, and Library of Congress.


The Evolution of Silence was recognized as an Official Honoree in NetArt by The 18th Annual Webby Awards (2014).



This project has been made possible in part with grants from:
DigitalGlobe Foundation
University of the Arts in Philadelphia
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Hatchfund (USA Projects) Open Match Fund

Special thanks to everyone who contributes to the funding of my project, and especially to my Hatchfund supporters whose support made it possible for me to exhibit at Praxis and Poetics. Thank you:
Richard Felton
Lisa M. C. Joven
Jerome Cloud
Hans-Ulrich Allemann
Erin Riley
Nonie Kimpitak
Paul Riley
Patrycja Doniewski
Mildred Riley
Marjorie Halstead
Maria McVarish
JoAnne R. Baron
Thomas Balsley
Bonnie Willett-Goad
Stacie Goffin
Mark Jamra
Elizabeth Craig
Ron Johnson
Sean Riley
Je Seok Koo
John Connolly
Laurence Bach
Maia Wright
Christine Zelinsky
Tina Thuermer
Gabrielle Esperdy
Afua Brown
Jan C. Almquist
Sara Abraham
Miriam Simun
Margaret Urban
Tulin Acikalin
Anna Bühler
Jason Dilworth
Janet Williams
Joshua Singer
Andrea Weissenbuehler
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